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News from The Tree House CAC -  January 2018

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse in Sports

Flipping through the headlines lately you have probably been struck by the number of stories related to child abuse. The recent case of the Turpin family in California who tortured their 13 children is horrifying and heartbreaking.

You think, “How can anyone do that to their children?” But you know your children are safe because you are not that kind of person. Then you hear about sexual abuse in gymnastics. Suddenly, it doesn’t feel like you can protect your children anymore. Can you safely send your children to gymnastics, karate, swimming, or any other activity? You should know that you are not helpless.

First of all, listen to your children and their friends and acquaintances. This was well put by D. MacAuley in his article “Child Abuse in Sports” in The British Journal of Sports Medicine: “Rumors may be kept initially among themselves at pool or trackside, but hints or comments that are overheard should raise suspicion. It is easy to dismiss these as idle gossip, and indeed at times this may seem the easier option, but we have a duty to listen and report any concern.”

In addition, the organization Darkness to Light recommends 5 steps to protect children:

  • Learn the Facts. Over 90% of abused children know their abuser.
  • Minimize Opportunity. Eliminate or reduce isolated one-on-one situations.
  • Talk About It. Have age appropriate, open conversations about our bodies, sex and boundaries.
  • Recognize the Signs. Signs may not be obvious, so you have to know what to look for.
  • React Responsibly. Understand how to react and when to make a report.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children also has a helpful handout regarding protecting child athletes.

There is much you can do to keep your child safe, but we want to leave you with this fact: For every child we see at The Tree House CAC who is abused by a teacher or coach, we see dozens who are abused by someone living in their own home. We hope that you will help keep them safe too.


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Another Thank You to Our Donors


We want to thank you for all the continued donations in January. Pajamas poured in, as well as toys, stuffed animals, and most importantly, desperately needed items for teen siblings we told you about via Facebook early in the month. Your devotion to the children we see is evident every day, and we couldn't ask for more loyal supporters. Thank you for all you do for the children. 





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