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News from The Tree House - Early Summer 2017

Young Children and Airplanes: Helpful Advice for a Pleasant Trip

Flying with very young children can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. To help alleviate some of that stress, we’re sharing a few tips, many of which are from Contemporary Pediatrics, that may make your trip a little easier:

  • Understand that healthy newborns can fly, but if your child had serious medical conditions, get a medical clearance before flying during the first year of life.
  • Individual airlines may have age restrictions on travel for very young infants, so go to the airline websites to review policies on travelling with infants and children. Often, travel may be restricted within the first 2 weeks of life.
  • If your child has a respiratory illness or ear infection you should consider delaying your trip.
  • Try to keep your baby on her nap schedule if possible.
  • Bring a few toys your baby has not seen before.
  • Use a small stroller, not too bulky and easily collapsible.
  • Offer a bottle, breast, or pacifier to your infant when the pressure changes in the cabin are the greatest, during takeoff and initial descent (1/2 hour or more before landing).  If that doesn't work stay calm and try singing a soothing song and rubbing her ears.
  • Bring a teething ring, pacifier, special blanket or stuffed animal, and age-appropriate toys and books. If your baby is fussy while you're in the air, as long as the crew approves moving throughout the cabin, take occasional breaks to walk up and down the aisle.
  • If your child starts crying excessively 
    • DO NOT subdue them with antihistamines or other sedating substances.
    • DO NOT overfeed them while in flight.
    • INSTEAD, try these things:
      • Simulate the home sleeping environment the best you can using items familiar to the baby.
      • Address ear pain when ascending and descending.
      • Stay calm.
      • Try "The Hold." 

For more helpful tips related to flying with young children visit the following sites:

All of us at The Tree House wish you happy and healthy travels this summer and always!

The Waiting Room Wait is Nearly Over

Construction on our new waiting room will begin any moment now, and the change from our previous waiting room will be dramatic. We want to thank yZiGN Interior Design for their heart and vision in creating a fabulous, child-friendly space for us!









Externs Summarize Their Year at The Tree House

Every year The Tree House offers an externship program to doctoral students in psychology, and every summer we must bid adieu those who take advantage of this opportunity. Our externs are trauma-trained and determined to make the lives of abused children better.

All of us at The Tree House wish our externs success and fulfillment in their future careers!


A Belated Thank You for Making The Tree House Tour de Cookie at Great Success!

Did you hear how much you helped The Tree House CAC of Montgomery County Maryland by riding, sponsoring, volunteering, or participating in any way in The Tree House Tour de Cookie? You helped us raise over $41,000!! Because of YOU we can pay for an additional mental health therapist and put the remaining funds toward transportation for the children we assist.

We are so grateful that you joined us for our ride. Your support is invaluable to the children who need the services we provide, and you provide that support over and over again. For this, you have our deepest thanks.



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