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Peer-to-Peer Campaign: The Tree House Tour de Cookie 2016

Money Raised: $6,493.00  Campaign Goal: $30,000.00

Every year hundreds of bicyclists and cookie lovers join together to participate in The Tree House Tour de Cookie.  The ride is great fun and supports services critical to the community.  All proceeds from the event go to The Tree House CAC.  It is a joyful day of fun, festivities, and philanthropy.

The Tree House CAC of Montgomery County MD is dedicated to reducing trauma and promoting healing for child victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. For more than twelve years, the Tree House has served as the only child advocacy organization in Montgomery County, Maryland, and in the past year alone has supported over 700 children in the search for hope and healing. 

Our services include:

• comprehensive medical examinations
• mental health assessments
• ongoing mental health therapy for the child and non-offending family members
• victim advocacy
• forensic interviews
• nurse case management
• education & prevention

All of our services are free to victims and their non-offending family members.

Watch the movie below, produced by Green Buzz Agency, to find out more about our event and our organization.

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Team Burning Brightle

  Raised: $2,425.00
  Goal: $1,000.00

Jessica Martin

  Raised: $800.00
  Goal: $1,000.00

Thin-Mint-Mojito Fundraising Page

  Raised: $105.00
  Goal: $200.00

Evelyn Henley-Shields

  Raised: $5.00
  Goal: $100.00

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